Inclusion Moves consulting

Corporate and government consulting are the roots of Inclusion Moves. Geoff has worked with corporates over many years to develop inclusion and diversity plans that ensure you can take advantage of the 20% of the population living with disability be that either as customers or staff. 

Inclusion and Diversity planning.

Subject matter expert advice and experience.

Engagement with the disabled community to ensure your research or business development project has people with disability at the heart, from the very beginning. We have the networks to ensure a relevant focus group for any project or product.  

Business development service for those businesses looking to work within the inclusion and diversity space. Including assistance with NDIS service provider application.      

Hot off the press: Inclusion Moves training

Balancing customer service, risk and a human rights approach

The interplay that exists between customer service, risk and human rights  has never been a more contentious, high profile and misunderstood than in this current world. In this course we will explore these intersections, how organisational and societal cultures play their part and crucially how to ensure your business enables a human rights focus to shine through in your customer service delivery model.

This course is flexible in its delivery. Whether that be online, face to face or we are happy to work with your own training team to assist them to become confident deliverers of the course work internally. Give your staff the confidence to know that they are disability confident. Give your management and ownership the knowledge the business is in safe hands, with current knowledge of contemporary customer service principles and most importantly: Give your customers confidence that their diversity will not affect their customer service experience. 

Contact us now to develop a package to suit our needs. Flexible pricing per individual and organisation.