Much of Inclusion Moves work is unfunded. Consider making a contribution to our costs

Inclusion Moves is a social policy change company that was started with the express purpose of assisting People with Disability in entering into the conversation on matters that affect them. 

Nothing should happen about a person with disability without a person with disability being within the conversation.

Our purpose is to give people with a disability the skills to ensure they are able to enact their full citizenship rights like any other. Our vision is equal citizenship rights means accessing the Same jobs – Same venues – Same services – Same social opportunities. 

Simple. Straightforward. Uncomplicated social inclusion means a healthy Australian society for all.

A lot of the work that Inclusion Moves does however is unpaid. Consulting on and  in some cases rallying against decisions made by government departments and companies that affect people with disability.  

We need the community to work with us to contribute to operating costs to ensure this unpaid work can occur. 

Funds derived from this will allow us to sit on boards and committees that are unfunded positions, participate and organise activism when needed on policies that need to be changed and keep Qld’ers with a disability in focus.

Please consider making a contribution to Inclusion Moves through PayPal